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Discover the latest FinTech news and articles written by our experts. Our featured insights cover topics from interview preparation and CV/resume writing to market trends and emerging technology.

Green code on a black screen

CI/CD Best Practices

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a software development methodology that focuses on continuously integrating code

Executive Search Leading from the top

Fintech: Leading From the Top

Fintech has always been a dynamic, disruptive industry. Driven by the incredible development of technology

Executive Search FinTech History

Fintech: a Brief History

Fintech  Noun  Abbreviation for financial technology  Financial technology  Noun  The business of using technology to

Interview Tips

Top Interview Tips

Feeling nervous before a job interview is normal but there are certain steps you can

CV tips

Resume/CV Tips

A resume/CV is used by employers to gauge if you’re a suitable candidate for their