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In Fintech: EC1 Partners Meets Rainer Fuchsluger

In these unprecedented times, it has never been more important to have an agile approach to growth while showing corporate responsibility in areas of sustainability and diversity. Today on the show we are joined by Rainer Fuchsluger to hear how these ideals are being made a reality at Wolters Kluwer. As the Managing Director, APAC, for Wolters Kluwer’s Finance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting (FRR) business, Rainer certainly has an influence over these matters and his approach to leadership couldn’t be more sound. We kick off our discussion by hearing about the experience Rainer gained during his time with Nike and Reuters before developing a passion for FinTech as well as RegTech and moving into his current position. We talk about the challenges posed by the pandemic and what it means to make people and the environment a top priority while developing products that can hold their own in such a competitive landscape. Rainer is full of top-notch advice in this discussion and he shares many of his favourite quotes about persistence, risk, growth, and purpose which any business leader would find huge value in, so be sure to catch our conversation with him today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Rainer, the services provided by Wolters Kluwer, and his role at the firm.
  • A window into Rainer’s career trajectory including working for Nike and Reuters before his current position.
  • Tips around leadership from Rainer that are especially relevant in a post-COVID landscape.
  • The value of drilling down on purpose for businesses as far as executing on strategy.
  • Effects of the pandemic on strategy at Wolters Kluwer and how they have adapted.
  • The commitment to ESG at Wolters Kluwer and why Rainer joined the board of sustainability.
  • Sustainability initiatives at Wolters Kluwer and how these have driven product solutions.
  • What Wolters Kluwer is doing to ensure that they remain competitive in the fintech space.
  • Taking the risks to make plan A work; whether Rainer would make different choices if he could rewind time.
  • Metrics for the growth in RegTech and whether it is a worthwhile investment currently.
  • The value of self-care and Rainer’s technique for winding down.
  • Discussing themes of diversity and inclusion and their importance at Wolters Kluwer.

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