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EC1 Partners are the go-to recruiter for the cloud banking industry. Whether you are looking for a cloud technical assurance analyst or a senior cloud engineer, we will find you an employee who takes your business to the next level.

We are convinced that whether you have no industry experience in cloud banking and want to break into the sector or have many years of experience under your belt and are seeking a new challenge, we will be able to locate a position that meets your career objectives and desires. When it comes to anything FinTech, EC1 Partners are the industry experts.

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Take the next step toward your professional goals with EC1 Partners. Simply send us your CV now, and we’ll start the job hunt for you, relieving you from the endless hours of job applications.

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Our ability to deliver fast and effectively is due to our tried-and-true recruitment methodology, which we customise for each particular client and their unique needs. This enables us to match the most qualified applicants to your cloud banking openings.

Our recruitment method is straightforward: we start by customising our search strategy for each client, working together with them to establish timetables and expectations. We will then use our wide network and talent pool to discover appropriate applicants. Following that, we score their profiles to help you decide who to interview. Finally, interviews and assessments will take place.

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As a specialist, professional and expert recruiter in FinTech, we have access to an industry leading talent pool. Candidates trust us to identify the best possible roles for them; let us help you meet the best cloud banking professionals. We have a dedicated and highly effective team obsessed with matching the best cloud banking talent with the leading firms in the FinTech market.

What is cloud banking?

Cloud banking enables financial institutions to manage their applications and platforms in the cloud. This grants them on-demand access as well as increased computing power.

Why are EC1 Partners the go-to recruiter for cloud banking?

EC1 Partners are the go-to recruiter for cloud banking because we have a proven track record of delivering results quickly and effectively – the phrase ‘quality over quantity is a motto we live by.