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EC1 are shaping the future of FinTech by connecting C-Suite executives to the world’s most innovative companies, making them the most successful executive search firms in the UK, US & Singapore.

In a fast-paced market that continuously evolves, finding the right leader for your business can be challenging. Our unrivalled network of contacts and relationships in the FinTech industry puts EC1 Partners in the best position to deliver high-quality candidates that accelerate impact and drive change through their leadership.

We undertake a rigorous Search process assessing the suitability of each candidate to identify an innovative and adaptable leader who will drive your business forward. Our unique market position
and experienced team of specialists manage and facilitate every aspect of the Search so that the hiring process is seamless.

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This Team is Led by

Executive Search Team Leader
Jamie Cole
CEO & Co-Founder

Jamie Cole is the CEO and Co-founder of the EC1 Partners Group. He is based in London and splits his time between London, New York, Miami, and Singapore. Jamie brings 18 years of experience in senior-level hiring in the FinTech market. During his 18-year tenure, Jamie has helped to scale multiple trading houses globally. As Group CEO, Jamie is responsible for our global go-to-market strategy, and corporate development. He also focuses much of his time on executive-level retained search.



Netan Director North America
Netan Rosenthal
Global Director | Partner: EC1 Executive Search

Netan has been an instrumental figure in propelling various FinTech enterprises across the globe, elevating them from nascent seed-stage ventures to successful, post-IPO organisations. Netan previously led EC1’s New York office and was instrumental in creating a hard-working professional environment, which led to back-to-back record years of sales and headcount growth. Alongside those responsibilities, Netan dedicated a substantial portion of his efforts to executive-level retained searches, embodying an unwavering commitment to the continual growth and excellence of our organisation. Today he leads our global Executive Search practice, where he is the architect behind our dynamic go-to-market strategies and is responsible for driving our corporate development initiatives.

Finding your next leader

At EC1 Executive we understand that hiring the right CEO or C-Suite professional is critical to the success of any business. To achieve this, we take a meticulous and systematic approach that
involves defining the necessary skills and experience and conducting comprehensive and in-depth assessments and interviews. We ensure that key stakeholders, including the board of directors and senior executives, are involved in the decision-making process. Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion, and creating a positive work culture empowers every member of our team to contribute, grow, and excel. Our deep industry expertise, robust network of contacts and relationships, and focus on success enable us to consistently deliver high-quality candidates to our clients. 

Champion DE&I and focus on sustainability

Sustainability and diversity are key components of successful executive search and recruitment.
With the majority of businesses prioritising sustainability when looking to recruit senior
executives, it is clear that a sustainable mindset is critical for businesses to thrive. As customers, clients, employees, and shareholders increasingly demand companies focus on the triple bottom line, we prioritise finding leaders who embed sustainability into their business strategy and operations. Additionally, we champion diversity in executive search by providing access to a diverse pool of talent and working with our clients to create succession plans that incorporate diversity at every step.

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We have global offices in London, New York, Miami, and Singapore and are always looking for the next pin on the map.