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When it comes to FinTech Marketing recruitment, EC1 Partners are the experts. We shape the future of FinTech by connecting top talent with the world’s leading FinTech companies.

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We are seeing an increase in the demand for candidates with experience in Marketing, from executive level to entry-level.

EC1 Partners are a global FinTech recruitment company that connects marketing candidates to top FinTech companies worldwide. We have offices in London, New York, Miami, and Singapore – upload your CV or vacancy, and one of our experienced, professional, and highly effective recruitment consultants will get in touch.

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Recruiting for a Marketing role? EC1 Partners are experts in FinTech marketing recruitment.

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We are shaping the future of FinTech by connecting top Marketing talent with the world’s leading FinTech companies.

Find FinTech Marketing Talent in Record Time.

We understand – top talent is hard to find.

EC1 Partners empower FinTech companies to reach their full potential by connecting them to top talent worldwide. By utilising our access to the market and focusing on accuracy over quantity, we will connect you to leading talent quickly and effectively.

Our recruitment process is simple – we begin by tailoring our search plan for each client, working closely with them to establish timelines and expectations. We leverage our talent pool and extensive network to find suitable candidates. Next, we rank their profiles to make your decision on who to interview easier. Finally, the interview and assessment stages will take place.

A granular look at marketing vacancies within FinTech

We work fluidly to meet all requirements and cover contract Marketing roles as well as permanent and interim roles. EC1 Partners utilise their years of industry experience to support your growth plans.

Why choose EC1 Partners?

Whether you’re looking for a FinTech marketing job or are looking to find FinTech talent, EC1 Partners will leverage their years of industry experience and market access to connect you to the top FinTech companies worldwide and the greatest minds in marketing.

We pride ourselves on our fluid approach to requirements, taking on board the specific needs and preferences of our candidates and clients. All roles are covered, from entry-level

What jobs are in FinTech?

The financial technology sector is not only one of the fastest growing industries worldwide – it also offers some of the most diverse job roles. We’ve got a talent pool and vacancy sphere covering everything from entry-level marketers to analysts, developers, management, and FinTech CEO positions.

Don’t know where to start?

We don’t just place candidates, we guide you and provide support throughout the recruitment process. We have a proven track record in the FinTech space – if you want to discuss your requirements in more detail, get in touch with the team today.