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Gayatri Pengilly
Gayatri Pengilly
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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ethan and Nicky from EC1 - it was a very positive experience and one I will always be grateful for. They were warm, welcoming, encouraging and really knew their trade. Fast forward to now, I am very happy to have received a position they put be forward for. The constant updates, coffees and chats kept me calm and confident. They were all very kind and supportive, which I really appreciated. I would 100% recommend them and have really enjoyed working with them. EC1 is definitely the best agency I’ve ever worked with.
Luigi Guida
Luigi Guida
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Dealt with few advisors there & always a great experience. Truly interested in placing you, they provide feedback and they don’t just disappear and ‘ghost’ their candidates. Would highly recommend.
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EC1 service is excellent. They definitely do stand out from others in the market. Scott has been very professional and helpful through out the process. It was very easy to work with him. He not only gave me the best options to choose but also clearly understood my expectations from my next role. Small details made a huge difference. I would not hesitate to recommend EC1 to anyone. Thank you once again Scott, for helping me find my dream job.
Rory Sheen
Rory Sheen
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My experience with Jake Gottlieb has been second to none. One of the few recruiters to truly specialise in the fintech and electronic trading sales space, Jake has excellent relationships with all of the leading companies in this industry.
Sam Sultan
Sam Sultan
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Provides great growth opportunity with clear targets and guidelines to achieve them - Well respected in the recruitment/fintech
Sarah Winters
Sarah Winters
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Collaborative, team oriented, Global presence, supportive, they give you the support and candidates to make money and grow your business. Would highly recommend

Grow your business with the best Fintech talent

You need new talent to grow. But finding the right candidates is hard. It takes time and money. Time and money you could invest in your business.

But if you want the best employees you can’t afford to cut corners with your hiring process. 

That’s where a good recruitment firm comes in. The right one will find you the candidates you need. Quickly and efficiently.

98% of EC1 clients recommend us

EC1 Partners find the right candidates for Fintech companies with the highest standards. 
Companies who don’t settle for anything but the best. Companies like yours.

We find talent fast

We do it time after time after time. And we do it well.

92% of candidates stay employed

stay employed
At the same company two years later.

Value focused

stay employed (2)
We get it right, saving you time and making you money

Get the best hires. Fast

When you need a new employee, you need them now

Not after a substantial investment of both financial resources and extensive time in advertising efforts. 

Not after combing through reams of applications and CVs.

Not after rounds of interviews and competency tests. 

Not in six months if you’re lucky. 


We can’t promise you now. No one can. But we do promise you fast. Fast, and accurate. 

We do all the hard work and only bring you the best candidates.

What is our secret?

We know Fintech. We know our clients. And we know how to find you the candidates to make an immediate impact on your projects.

ceo of a fintech company shaking hands with new employee

We build relationships

We get to know you and your company. What makes you tick. What it’s like to work with you. What you need from your employees.

We do the same with our candidates. We learn about their key skills but we also find out their long-term goals and development plans.

So when you tell us you need new talent, we probably already have someone in mind.


We know the business

We’ve been in this game for a long time. We know the industry backwards and inside out.

We understand what you need, and we know how to find it.


We’re accurate

We have a big pool of top-quality candidates. And if we don’t already have the right people we know where to find them.

We focus on accuracy over quantity. We pre-qualify candidates to save you time and money.

So you have the luxury of choosing from a top-notch selection.

What can you expect from us?

Step one

First, we get to know you. We talk to you and ask questions about your business.

Step two

Then you get a custom plan built to your requirements. And we walk you through it step-by-step so you know what to expect, and when.

Step three

We interview and assess the candidates to create a shortlist based on your criteria. We pull these from our existing network and in-depth market research.

Step four

Next, you get an initial shortlist of candidates. We make it easy for you to choose who to take to a final interview.

Step five

We help you to narrow it down.

Step six

You get the best candidate for the job.

Don’t take our word for it

Listen to what our clients have to say.

Zain Allarakhia
Co-Founder and CTO, Pipe
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EC1 were simply phenomenal to work with. They found and engaged candidates with highly relevant profiles. They are simply incredible to work with.
David Mellor
Global Head of Sales Operations
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I’ve been working with EC1 for nearly 10 years now and they never fail to offer a compelling candidate for a role wherever you are hiring. Good people. Good results.
Michael Raykh
Michael Raykh
Head of ATS & Client Connectivity Tech, Liquidnet
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We have reached out to EC1 after not being able to fill our roles for quite a while. In this challenging market, EC1 was able to swiftly find great candidates for us to talk to, and we were able to fill the roles very quickly.
Thomas Gregory
Thomas Gregory
CEO, Nets Concardis
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EC1 has provided me with exemplary service for several years and across multiple organisations. They provide an excellent personal touch, ensure that they genuinely deliver against the specifics of the brief, and dedicate the time to ensure this occurs.
Rainer Fuchsluger
Rainer Fuchsluger
Managing Director, Wolters Kluwer
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Wolters Kluwer FRR has been enjoying a partnership with EC1 Partners across the APAC region for many years. We truly appreciate their core competencies and deep domain expertise, enabling EC1 to find high-calibre talent to contribute to our fast-growing business in the region.

The biggest names in Fintech trust us

The biggest Fintech companies come to us because they trust us.

They trust us because we get them the right people fast. Time after time after time.

Let’s talk Fintech

Need a position filled? Or want to get the ball rolling for when you do?

No problem. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch for a no-pressure chat.