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EC1 Partners specialises in hiring for product technology positions. Rest assured that we will find the best talent out there to fill your vacancies.

At EC1 Partners, we use our vast talent pool to connect applicants to vacancies in product technology roles. So whether you have no experience at all and want to break into this industry or you’re experienced beyond your years, we will match you with a position that suits your goals and aspirations.

We are not geographically constrained since we have offices in the three major financial centres of the world: London, New York, and Singapore. So whether you are looking for the ideal candidate or the ideal role, we are confident that we can match you to exactly what you are looking for, no matter where you’re looking for it.

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Whether you are looking to break into the product technology field or to further your career, our team of skilled recruiting consultants can connect you to opportunities from all over the world. Simply submit your CV today and let us handle the rest.

Find FinTech Product Talent in Record Time.

We are able to provide results swiftly and efficiently at EC1 Partners because of our highly skilled recruitment consultants, many of whom have experience in FinTech and product technology positions. They are equipped with a large talent pool that includes some of the greatest talents currently available. Prioritising quality over quantity, they strive to find the ideal applicant the first time round. This entire process often takes anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks.

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As a specialist, a professional and expert recruiter in FinTech, we have access to an industry-leading talent pool. Candidates trust us to identify the best possible roles for them; let us help you meet the best product professionals. We have a dedicated and highly effective team obsessed with matching the best FinTech talent with the leading firms in the FinTech market.

What positions are available in Product Technology?

Product technology is an exciting sector that always requires fresh blood to drive innovation. There are equal opportunities for entry-level applicants in roles such as junior product technologists, and for senior applicants in positions such as Head of Product or Product Manager.

Don’t know where to start?

If you operate within the FinTech industry and you’re looking for marketing candidates, a major benefit to working with EC1 Partners is the industry experience held within the team. We don’t just place candidates, we can guide you and provide support within the full recruitment process. We have a proven track record in FinTech and a reputation as an exceptional recruiter – if you want to talk through your requirements in more detail, get in touch with the team today.