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Contractor recruitment: finding the perfect match

Alongside those looking to hire or be hired in a permanent role, FinTech has huge opportunities when it comes to contract and interim employment. There’s a growing number of contractors looking to put their specialist skills into practice, and for companies, the notion of contractor hiring enables projects to go ahead without having to make long-term commitments. 



      • Issues facing FinTech contractor recruitment

      • The contractor market

      • Why contractors are critical to FinTech

      • FinTech contract recruitment

      • FinTech contractor jobs

      • How EC1 can help

    The contractor market

    The FinTech contractor market is most definitely on the rise. Increased remote working during the global pandemic has seen a surge in freelancing overall as both individuals and companies become more accustomed to the new normal. The rise in remote, flexible and hybrid working has also seen businesses attract workers from further afield. In the US alone, it’s predicted that the contractor market will soon become the most dominant sector, accounting for 51% of the workforce by 2027

    Companies hire contract workers for many reasons. They may have temporary roles that need filling urgently, due to a busy period in the calendar, or to cover maternity leave. Others may have a specific project they need extra staff to fulfil. The contractor market is thriving in FinTech, and connecting talent to the right company is what EC1 specialises in. 

    Why contractors are critical to FinTech

    Given the impact of the global pandemic combined with the current economic downturn, contractors are more critical to FinTech than at any time in industry history. With financial uncertainty increasing, countless businesses are hiring on a short-term basis or temporary grounds. If businesses aren’t able to appoint contract workers for short-term projects, there’s a risk of them going under – some simply can’t afford to commit to appointing a full-time employee.

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    FinTech contract recruitment and jobs

    At EC1 we’re proud to work with some of FinTech’s most innovative businesses and forward-thinking contractors. For our contract clients, we offer as much or as little support as you need. If you’re a contractor and looking for a new role, check out our jobs page or register your profile and one of our experts will be in touch. 

    If you’re currently working in traditional finance and are considering a change, find out more on Finance to FinTech.


    How EC1 can help

    We don’t just connect great talent to top companies, we operate on an international basis, we’re well-versed in local employment laws, from contracts to tax and even different working cultures. 

    We take the time to get to know our clients and contractors and aim to build relationships that last. We offer a quick 48-hour turnaround for initial contract candidate shortlists and have contractors able to start at short notice.

    We offer a full contractor service; we do not introduce contractors to businesses and then leave the narrative. To build the right relationships, we’ll be on hand wherever needed, from helping with interviews and onboarding to taking care of the paperwork, timesheets and any other legal issues.

    We connect the greatest minds in FinTech and cast the net as wide as it needs to go in order to unite the right contractors to the right business. 

    Jay, UK, Senior Consultant

    For more information and advice on contract recruitment please contact Jay Sharer at [email protected] 


    The current landscape of contractor recruitment in FinTech presents a shift from traditional hiring practices, offering unique benefits to companies. Unlike permanent roles, contracting allows for more flexibility and agility in staffing, enabling businesses to address project needs swiftly without long-term commitments. Additionally, with the rise of remote and hybrid working models, the contractor market has expanded, providing access to specialised skills from a wider pool of talent.

    Technology is a fast-paced and ever-evolving field that requires new viewpoints to spur innovation. Opportunities with varying levels of experience are available.

    Companies can implement several key strategies to effectively navigate and capitalise on the growing trend of hiring contractors in the FinTech sector. Firstly, they should clearly define project objectives, timelines, and deliverables to ensure alignment with contractor efforts and organisational goals. Maintaining open lines of communication throughout the engagement is crucial for promptly addressing any concerns or challenges. Additionally, recognising contractors’ valuable expertise and remaining open to adapting workflows based on their insights fosters a collaborative and productive working relationship.

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