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There is no room for errors on the buy-side so turn to EC1 Partners to get the recruitment of a new employee right the first time round.

EC1 Partners are specialists in recruiting across all skill-set levels for Buy-Side Software roles; whether your business requires an entry-level analyst or a seasoned full-stack engineer. Our team of knowledgeable recruitment consultants situated across three offices – London, New York and Singapore – will utilise our unparalleled talent pool to find you the perfect employee who can help you create more value for your firm’s clients.

Likewise, if you are looking for a new challenge in the Buy-Side Software sector, our team of expert recruiters will match you with a suitable role.

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Our vastly experienced recruitment consultants are ready to help you progress your career by matching you with your next challenge. To get the ball rolling, simply submit your CV today and we will take the hassle of a job search off your hands.

Find Buy-Side Software Talent in Record Time.

Realising that the buy-side is an incredibly fast-moving sector, at EC1 Partners we believe that sourcing top-quality candidates quickly is of most importance. We have proven ourselves capable of filling vacancies quickly as can be seen by our track record. We achieve this by leveraging our vast network of talent and by working closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements.


This allows us to streamline our recruitment process – usually taking 4 – 8 weeks to fill the vacancy.

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As a specialist, professional and expert recruiter in FinTech, we have access to an industry leading talent pool. Candidates trust us to identify the best possible roles for them; let us help you meet the best FinTech professionals. We have a dedicated and highly effective team obsessed with matching the best talent with the leading firms in the FinTech market.

What is Buy-Side?

Simply put, Buy-Side is a sector of finance which comprises of institutions that buy securities such as stocks or bonds on behalf of their clients, with the aim of providing value to them (Or in other words, making them profit).

What is Buy-Side Software?

Buy-Side Software involves the automation of some or all of the investment or trading procedures performed by an institution or firm. This may take the form of software which generates ideas, identifies opportunities or performs post-trade settlement.

What roles in available in Buy-Side Software?

There are many roles available in Buy-Side Software; most obviously there is a high demand for developers and software engineers. Other roles available in this sector include sales executives, investor relations executives and implementation consultants.