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Fintech Engineering Jobs
EC1 Partners can help entry-level candidates, as well as experienced engineers, find a new role within the Fintech Industry.

At EC1 Partners we empower talented individuals to progress their careers by matching them to Fintech companies across the world. We have local recruitment consultant teams situated in London, New York and Singapore, giving us unparalleled insights into the global Fintech marketplace and allowing us to match talented individuals to fintech engineering roles globally.

If you would like to benefit from our expertise and have one of our consultants match you to your potential next role, simply fill in the form and upload your CV. We will handle the rest.

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Many of our recruitment consultants have a background in Fintech which when coupled with the extensive size of our talent pool, means that we match candidates to Fintech engineering roles quickly and effectively.

Find FinTech Engineering Talent in Record Time.

At EC1 Partners, we match the very best talent to vacancies in Fintech engineering. This is how the process works:

We have a requirement methodology which is tailored to your company’s specific requirements. We then put together a search plan, this is where we outline the entire process, establishing your expectations and timelines (Often between 4 and 8 weeks).

Next, we leverage our continuously growing network of Fintech engineering talent through our candidate pool. We’ll match candidates to your needs and shortlist them. The final phase of the recruitment process is the interviews and assessments where we score the shortlisted candidates, making it simple for you to choose which candidates you want to progress with.

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Jamie Cole FinTech CEO
EC1 Partners CEO

Our unrivalled market insight and strong relationships allow us to build long-term partnerships with clients and candidates who rely on us to connect them with opportunities in Fintech engineering.

Why choose EC1 Partners for your FinTech Engineering recruitment?

EC1 Partners are specialists when it comes to matching talented candidates to Fintech engineering jobs. Our expert recruitment consultants work closely with our candidates to find them their dream engineering jobs within Fintech.

What jobs are available in Fintech IT?

There is a variety of different job roles within Fintech engineering – from graduate roles to senior software engineer positions. At EC1 Partners, you will find a role to suit you whether you are seeking an entry into the industry or your next career step.