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EC1 Partners Sustainability. We’re now planting 20 trees with every placement

The importance of sustainability

As many of us are keenly aware, the world’s forests are under attack. Essential to the survival of over 8000 species, including, for example, all species of Orangutan, and indispensable for the absorption of greenhouse gasses, the rainforests are being destroyed at the rate of 69 football fields per minute. Anyone who has a concern for the planet will find these stats truly alarming and the team at EC1 Partners were no exception. Employees were keen to play their part in tackling the issue, so EC1 joined up with tree-planting start-up Treeapp to plant 20 trees for every placement they make – a total of over 6000 new trees over the next year.

Play your part for free

If you would like to get involved and plant some trees, Treeapp’s mobile app (available on iPhone and Android) enables anyone to plant a tree for free, every day, in less than a minute. The trees are funded by eco-conscious organisations that advertise their products and services on the platform. To date, Treeapp’s partners have funded the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees across Africa, the Americas and Asia.