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Sam Gasson, Chief People Officer at EC1 Partners, sits down with Mackenzie Daly, a Consultant at our New York office, for our Life in FinTech Podcast mini-series.

Mackenzie joined EC1 New York in July 2022 after graduating college and studying American Studies. Mackenzie talks about the benefits of studying for a degree, even if your chosen subject doesn’t have a guaranteed career path. She speaks about her experience job hunting during the Covid pandemic, and her search to find a hybrid job in a world that’s turning more and more remote. 

If you are fresh out of college and don’t know what you want to do, this is a great podcast to listen to. Mackenzie is a great example of someone who never stops being curious and embraces every opportunity given to her.

Key Points from our Life in FinTech Podcast Episode 2:

  • Mackenzie started at EC1 Partners in July 2022, right out of college after graduating in May, where she studied American Studies. American Studies didn’t give her a set career path, but she developemanyof social and life skills whilst studying.
  • After a visit to the careers centre in her college during her Senior year, Mackenzie was told Recruitment would be a good career choice for her as she enjoys talking to people.
  • After graduating, Mackenzie had to find a job during the Covid Pandemic. Many jobs were going fully remote, so she needed to search hard to find the hybrid job she desired.
  • Mackenzie received a job offer at an IT recruitment firm in NYC and planned her move.
  • Disaster struck after Mackenzie was told her start date needed to be pushed backsix6 months as the IT firm had a tough quarter. She was already in New York, in an apartment, and had no job. She then went back on the job hunt and found EC1.
  • Mackenzie was drawn to the tech sector as she knows it’s one of the biggest industries.
  • Mackenzie talks us through the importance of being a ‘sponge’ when it comes to learning new. skills
  • The skills Mackenzie learnt at college were the soft skills she needed to talk to colleagues and clients professionally on a day-to-day basis.

For advice on getting into FinTech or recruitment, you can contact the EC1 team here.


To navigate the challenges of job hunting during the COVID-19 pandemic, Makenzie leveraged various online job platforms, networking virtually through social media and professional networking sites and seeking guidance from career advisors and mentors. Given her desire for a hybrid job, she focused her search on companies offering flexible work arrangements that specifically mentioned hybrid work options in their job postings.

Mackenzie’s college experience studying American Studies helped to provide her with the skills necessary for her role in recruitment at EC1 Partners by equipping her with the soft skills she needed to succeed in the professional world. These include communication skills, critical thinking, research abilities, and cultural awareness, all valuable in recruitment roles that involve interacting with diverse candidates and clients.

To rebound from the setback of her initial job offer being postponed, Mackenzie demonstrated resilience and adaptability by promptly returning to the job search and actively seeking new opportunities. She also reached out to her network for support, attended virtual career events or job fairs, and refined her application materials and interview skills based on feedback from previous interviews. Additionally, her determination to secure a position in the fintech sector motivated her to explore different avenues and expand her search beyond her initial target companies.

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