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Life in FinTech Podcast: Straight out of college and into FinTech

Sam Gasson, Chief People Officer at EC1 Partners, sits down with Mackenzie Daly, a Consultant at our New York office, for our Life in FinTech Podcast mini-series.

Mackenzie joined EC1 New York in July 2022 after graduating college and studying American Studies. Mackenzie talks about the benefits of studying for a degree, even if your chosen subject doesn’t have a guaranteed career path. She speaks about her experience job hunting during the Covid pandemic, and her search to find a hybrid job in a world that’s turning more and more remote. 

If you are fresh out of college and don’t know what you want to do, this is a great podcast to listen to. Mackenzie is a great example of someone who never stops being curious and embraces every opportunity given to her.

Key Points from our Life in FinTech Podcast Episode 2:

  • Mackenzie started at EC1 Partners in July 2022, right out of college after graduating in May, where she studied American Studies. American Studies didn’t give her a set career path, but she developemanyof social and life skills whilst studying.
  • After a visit to the careers centre in her college during her Senior year, Mackenzie was told Recruitment would be a good career choice for her as she enjoys talking to people.
  • After graduating, Mackenzie had to find a job during the Covid Pandemic. Many jobs were going fully remote, so she needed to search hard to find the hybrid job she desired.
  • Mackenzie received a job offer at an IT recruitment firm in NYC and planned her move.
  • Disaster struck after Mackenzie was told her start date needed to be pushed backsix6 months as the IT firm had a tough quarter. She was already in New York, in an apartment, and had no job. She then went back on the job hunt and found EC1.
  • Mackenzie was drawn to the tech sector as she knows it’s one of the biggest industries.
  • Mackenzie talks us through the importance of being a ‘sponge’ when it comes to learning new. skills
  • The skills Mackenzie learnt at college were the soft skills she needed to talk to colleagues and clients professionally on a day-to-day basis.

For advice on how to get into FinTech or recruitment, reach out to Mackenzie Daly at [email protected], or you can reach out to the EC1 team here.

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