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Getting a job in Fintech with little or no industry experience

The financial technology industry, also known as FinTech, is continuing to see an exponential growth rate and is expected to be worth £22.1 trillion by the end of 2022. This digital force has changed the entire technology sector, optimising our financial services and banking.

With the industry being fast-changing & ever-growing, new job roles & opportunities are continuing to open up, and EC1 Partners are the getaway for those seeking a FinTech job from entry level all the way through to executive.

Who are EC1 Partners? 

EC1 Partners are experts in their field, specialising in FinTech recruitment first. We cover the full spectrum of placements, including disciplines of sales, marketing, product management, operations and consulting, to name a small few. Underpinning this recruitment support is a flexible employment arrangement from a contract, interim or permanent employment too. 

Our team help to recruit at all levels, from entry-level sales to executive, meaning that no matter your level of expertise or experience, you’re destined to get your foot in the door with us. 

We were established in early 2008 during the financial crisis and have since helped recruit for a wide variety of industries, including Electronic Trading, RegTech, Buy-Side Software, Capital Markets Software, Payments, and lending. We’ve also provided our services to some of the most modern financial sectors today, such as Crypto and ESG

We recruit for FinTech Jobs globally and have offices in London, New York, Miami, and Singapore—four of the world’s biggest financial hubs. Unlike most other agencies, we have stepped back from virtual assistance and provide users with a personal experience that can be relied upon. 

How Does Our Process Work? 

Open to those around the world seeking FinTech Jobs with no experience, EC1 Partners creates a search plan alongside our clients and, from here, references the requirements to our bank of CVs. We then carry out profile scoring to match the best candidate for the role. We’ll also populate the requirements on our major networks of job boards to ensure we source you the very best talent we can. 

What are the Fintech Job Requirements? 

With a broad requirement job set, EC1 Partners are most likely to have a job role for everyone. We have an excellent track record and a high profile & work alongside the best FinTech companies in the world, from start-ups to leading giants, so you’re destined to achieve great things no matter what your level of experience. 

Most working skills can often be transferred into the industry, meaning that whilst you may be heading into an entry-level position, your skills may still be in demand within a FinTech company. In regular circumstances, most companies will grow their own talents & will offer internships, which can often come with no background experience or skill requirements. 

However, with this being said, there are some skills & characteristics to be had when seeking to be hopeful during the candidate selection process. This includes:

  • Displaying a clear interest in the Fintech industry. 
  • Keeping up to date with the industry developments. 
  • Ideal skills to present are often centred around the ability to research & being skilful in analytics, writing & presenting.
  • Being comfortable with a fast-paced environment, both in an office & due to the sector’s ever-changing nature. 
  • A passion for technology
  • Being multi-lingual puts you at a higher advantage, as language is often the main benefit for a multi-lingual FinTech company. 

In Summary

We’ve identified that the key to landing a role within the FinTech industry is to be passionate about the sector & that having the most basic & transferable skills is in fact more important than having experience working in the industry itself. 

& whilst the job role found for you by EC1 Partners may be a foot-in-the-door internship, this can be a supporting part of getting a subsequent job. 

Start your recruitment journey today by uploading your CV to our database.


EC1 Partners plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition into FinTech careers for individuals with limited or no industry experience by offering a comprehensive recruitment process tailored to match candidates with suitable job opportunities. Through collaborative efforts with clients, EC1 Partners creates a search plan, evaluates candidate profiles, and leverages extensive networks to source top talent. Additionally, the team provides personalised support and guidance to candidates throughout the recruitment journey, ensuring a seamless transition into the FinTech industry.

In addition to specific industry experience, FinTech companies typically seek candidates who demonstrate a genuine interest in the sector and possess essential skills and characteristics. These include staying informed about industry developments, proficiency in research and analytics, effective communication abilities, adaptability to fast-paced environments, a passion for technology, and multilingual proficiency, which can be advantageous in a globalised FinTech landscape. Candidates can showcase these qualities through resumes, cover letters, and interviews by highlighting relevant experiences, projects, and accomplishments aligning with FinTech job requirements.

Networking events, industry conferences, and online communities provide opportunities to connect with professionals in the field, gain insights into industry trends, and expand one’s professional network. Additionally, acquiring relevant certifications or completing online courses in FinTech-related subjects can demonstrate commitment and readiness for roles within the industry. Lastly, leveraging transferable skills from previous roles, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and project management, can strengthen a candidate’s candidacy for FinTech positions.

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