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In FinTech: EC1 Partners Meets Anoushka Rayner

The latest episode of our In FinTech podcast is live!

Join our UK Director, Rich Lesser, as he talks to Anoushka Rayner, Head of Growth – Commodities at Paxos. In this episode, Anoushka gives us the inside scoop on how she has successfully navigated her career, the key to finding excitement in your profession, and how to avoid becoming complacent.

Key Points in our In FinTech Podcast

  • Richard Lesser, EC1’s Head of Electronic Trading, Digital Assets & Fintech Software/SaaS Sales, introduces Anoushka Rayner, Head of Growth Commodities at Paxos.
  • Anoushka started off trading at HSBC. Hundreds of individuals worked at HSBC, with less than 10% being women. Anoushka found trading matched her energy and personality.
  • There were no female leaders around her or on the sales floor.
  • However, Anoushka never found this an issue in her career and felt very supported throughout.
  • A drive to move to New York threw another spanner in the works for Anoushka, and she was told time and time again she would need a degree to do this due to VISA requirements. She didn’t take no for an answer and, after some setbacks, was eventually offered a job in NYC.
  • When she eventually made her way to Paxos, she was the first person to be onboarded remotely. She sees it as a good thing and feels connected to the company as a whole in the way she never did whilst in an office.

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