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Life in FinTech Podcast: Advancing your career as a software developer

Sam Gasson, Chief People Officer at EC1 Partners, sits down with Kishan Patel, an Executive Consultant at our London office.

Kishan joined EC1 Partners just over 2 years ago and has excelled, he has achieved two promotions in the last year alone! During episode 2 of our Life in FinTech podcast, Kish talks about his journey from graduating with a computer science degree to his career in recruitment offering insights into the decisions that got him to where he is today. Kish offers advice to those who are looking for their next career move.

If you are looking for career advice, then this is the podcast for you!

Key points from the Life in FinTech Podcast Episode 3:

  • Kishan studied computer science at university on a whim and found himself working in the world of software development. Although Kish is passionate about technology, a career in software development didn’t suit his personality, 
  • Kishan enjoys working in recruitment as he found it utilises both his people and technical skills, something he didn’t get from software development.
  • Kishan eventually landed his job in EC1 and hasn’t looked back. 
  • One of Kishan’s favourite things about the role is helping candidates find jobs in places they may not have looked otherwise.
  • Kishan has had 2 promotions in the last year, which he credits to his drive and desire to learn and grow.
  • Kishan is passionate about sharing his journey and offering career advice to those studying technology.  
  • Kishan would recommend that anyone who doesn’t know what they want to do should reflect on what their strengths are and what they want from a job. Once they have figured that out they can use those pieces of information to figure out what job suits them.
Sam, Global, CPO

For advice on how to get into FinTech or recruitment, reach out to Sam Gasson at [email protected]. Alternatively, view our live job roles here


Kishan Patel’s journey from software development to recruitment success at EC1 Partners was influenced by more than just his computer science degree. He leveraged his technical background to understand the intricacies of the technology industry, but his success also stems from his ability to communicate effectively, build relationships, and understand the needs of clients and candidates.

Kishan’s transition from software development to recruitment highlights his recognition of the importance of interpersonal skills and technical expertise. By combining his technical knowledge with strong communication and relationship-building skills, he excelled in understanding the unique requirements of tech-related roles and effectively matching candidates with suitable opportunities.

Beyond reflecting on strengths and career aspirations, Kishan recommends practical steps such as networking within the industry, seeking mentorship or guidance from experienced professionals, exploring educational resources or certifications to expand one’s skill set, and gaining hands-on experience through internships or volunteer opportunities. Additionally, staying informed about industry trends and continuously learning about emerging technologies could help individuals make informed decisions about their career paths within the technology or FinTech sectors.

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