Crypto, Blockchain & Digital Assets Recruitment
Crypto, blockchain & digital assets are possibly some of the fastest developing sectors out there at the moment. That’s why at EC1 partners, we recruit high-quality candidates quickly and effectively, allowing your business to stay ahead of the game.

Whether your company needs a graduate consultant or an experienced Head of Operations, our team of knowledgeable recruitment consultants based in three offices – London, New York, and Singapore – will use our unmatched talent pool to find you a candidate who will help support your company’s innovative products.

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Our seasoned recruiters are eager to help you advance your career by pairing you with your next challenge. Simply send us your CV and we will bring the positions to you. We offer unmatched access to crypto, blockchain, and digital asset openings from some of the world’s leading firms.

Find FinTech Crypto, Blockchain & Digital Asset Talent in Record Time.

Recognising that the crypto, blockchain, and digital assets sector is at the forefront of innovation and hence advances at a breakneck pace, we at EC1 Partners feel that promptly sourcing top-quality candidates is critical. Our track record demonstrates that we are capable of filling openings fast. We accomplish this by using our extensive network of expertise and by working closely with our clients to understand their individual needs.

Our recruitment method is straightforward: we start by customising our search strategy for each client, working together with them to establish time frames and expectations. We will then use our wide network and talent pool to identify appropriate applicants whose profiles we will then score to help you decide who to interview. Finally, interviews and evaluations will take place.

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As a specialist, professional and expert recruiter in FinTech, we have access to an industry leading talent pool. Candidates trust us to identify the best possible roles for them; let us help you meet the best crypto professionals. We have a dedicated and highly effective team obsessed with matching the best blockchain talent with the leading firms in the FinTech market.

What are Crypto, Blockchain and Digital Assets?

Cryptocurrency, or crypto for short, is a term which encompasses a wide range of digital currencies which exist outside the control of governments thanks to its decentralised nature. They are based on blockchain technology – a shared database that stores data in blocks across many different computers.

Why are EC1 Partners experts in recruitment for this sector?

We have a track record of successfully recruiting candidates of all skill levels for positions in this fresh and innovative area. Our vast recruitment experience, along with our team’s experience in FinTech roles, provides us with a competitive advantage over other recruiters that know the bare minimum about this exciting industry.