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FinTech Data Analysis Recruitment
EC1 Partners are specialists in recruiting for Fintech data analysis jobs. Whether you are looking to fill a graduate role or want someone to head your department, our expert consultants will find the candidates.

EC1 Partners are the leading global Fintech recruitment agency with offices located in London, New York and Singapore. Our recruitment consultants, being spread around the world, can source top talents globally for the benefit of your data analysis department.

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(The EC1 Partners recruitment team)

Our team has a wealth of Fintech experience allowing them to source the ideal candidate independent of what career stage they are at. Their experience means that they can narrow down the best candidates from an ever-growing candidate pool.

If you like the idea of having our experts fill an empty position at your organisation, simply fill in the form and upload your vacancy. We will do all the hard work.

Find FinTech Data Analysis Candidates in Record Time.

Our ability to deliver results rapidly and successfully boils down to our stress-tested methodology which we take the time to alter for every individual business we work with so that their specific needs are accounted for. The recruitment process looks works like this:

To begin, we construct a search plan, this is where we frame the entire process, establishing your requirements and timelines (Often between 4 to 8 weeks). Next, we leverage our talent pool to find candidates who match your fintech data analysis role and shortlist them. Lastly, we will conduct interviews and have the candidates complete assessments which will allow us to score them. This makes it simple for you to choose which candidates you wish to progress with.

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Jamie Cole FinTech CEO
EC1 Partners CEO

To deliver quality results, we believe it is important for us to invest our time into listening and understanding your requirements. This is why we deliver results fast and those results hit the mark the first time around.

Why choose EC1 Partners for your FinTech Data Analysis Recruitment?

At EC1 Partners, Fintech data analysis recruitment is a specialism of ours. Combining our highly experienced consultants with a consistently expanding talent pool, we will source the ideal candidate for your data analysis role.