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Fintech DevOps Recruitment
EC1 Partners are experts in recruiting for Fintech DevOps roles. We will find the ideal candidate that will empower your business.

EC1 Partners, the leading global Fintech recruitment agency are shaping the future of Fintech DevOps by sourcing top talent for leading Fintech companies. Our recruitment consultants have years of Fintech experience and with a candidate pool filled with some of the brightest talents out there, they are bound to find exactly who you are looking for.

With offices in the three major financial hubs in the world – London, New York and Singapore – we are not confined geographically and can tap into a global talent pool for your business.

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Our team takes the time to truly listen to your needs, requirements and goals. That’s why they deliver fast and effective solutions day in and day out. Whether you are looking to fill an entry-level role or need a new manager, trust us to deliver you with the ideal candidate.

If you would like to benefit from our expertise and have one of our consultants fill a vacant position, simply fill in the form and upload your vacancy. Let us handle the rest.

Find FinTech DevOps Candidates in Record Time.

Our ability to deliver quickly and effectively comes down to our tried-and-tested methodology which we tailor to each individual business and its specific requirements. This helps us match the best candidates to your DevOps Fintech positions. The process works like this:

We build a search plan, this is where we outline the entire process, establishing your expectations and timelines (Often between 4 and 8 weeks). Next, we leverage our continuously growing network of Fintech engineering talent through our candidate pool. We’ll match candidates to your needs and shortlist them. The final phase of the recruitment process is the interviews and assessments where we score the shortlisted candidates, making it simple for you to choose which candidates you want to progress with.

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Jamie Cole FinTech CEO

Our unrestricted access to the Fintech DevOps market allows us to deliver our clients a better service quickly. Our focus is accuracy, not quantity, we want to find the perfect candidate the first time around.

Why you need to consider EC1 Partners

EC1 Partners are specialists when it comes to matching talented candidates to Fintech DevOps jobs. Our expert recruitment consultants have Fintech experience and work closely with our candidates and clients to create the perfect match.