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FinTech Executive Jobs & Recruitment

For the best in FinTech executive jobs and recruitment, choose EC1 Partners. Sourcing the very best talent and jobs across Europe, Asia and the United States, we match all requirements from entry-level roles to senior management.

Experts in FinTech executive jobs and recruitment, EC1 Partners bridges the gap between top talent and the world’s leading businesses. Our vast knowledge of the FinTech industry is combined with a deep understanding of recruitment market trends, to provide a winning service for both candidates and companies alike.

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Realising your potential isn’t easy, especially within such an ultra-competitive industry as FinTech. Whether you’re looking to kickstart a career in a FinTech executive role, or wanting to climb that next rung on the career ladder, we understand the challenges that await you. We know the market inside-out, and can connect you to our global network of FinTech companies.

Why waste time registering on countless job sites, where you’ll be judged solely on the contents of your CV? By uploading your CV with EC1 Partners, you’ll be able to place your skill-set to the fore, and gain access to some of the leading FinTech firms from around the world. Start your executive search in FinTech today.

FinTech Executive Recruitment

Finding top talent isn’t easy.

We regularly hear stories from new clients about the vast amount of time companies are spending on their search for the next superstar FinTech executive. Securing the best talent can make all the difference between success and failure for a business, yet the search can take months and have no guaranteed solution at the end of it.

This is where our FinTech executive search consultants step in. We understand the difficulties most businesses face in finding their dream candidate. EC1 Partners won’t just manage your recruitment process – we’ll be a dependable advisor too. The process is straightforward, comes with timescales and gives you access to a global pool of premium talent.

Our hugely-successful FinTech executive recruitment method is refined to match the specific requirements of your business. Once we’re working together, we’ll provide a detailed Search Plan, giving you an overview and a set timeline, typically between 4 and 8 weeks.

Next, we’ll work through our Candidate Pool, find matches from the best FinTech executive talent, and offer profile scores. Finally, the Interview & Assessment phase will score and rank your shortlist, removing all the hard graft from the recruitment process.

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Jamie Cole FinTech CEO
EC1 Partners CEO

With offices in London, Singapore, Miami and New York, EC1 Partners can help you discover talent across the world. Our expert FinTech executive recruiters have personal know-how of the industry and are network champions, giving your enterprise access to specialised candidates at all levels of experience.

We don’t see recruitment as a simple case of linking companies together with candidates. All the contacts we make form part of our extended family, and building effective long-term relationships is part of our DNA. Success in linking top talent with great brands isn’t something we merely strive to achieve – it’s something we live and breathe for.

Why choose EC1 Partners for FinTech executive recruitment and jobs?

Most of our team has worked in the FinTech sector, and many have been executives at some point in time! We’ve a deep knowledge of the industry, have our fingers on the pulse regarding the latest high-flying companies and candidates, and a genuine desire to make a difference. Allow us to join you on your journey and you’ll be earning strategic, dynamic collaborators with proven results.

Why work in the FinTech industry?

The financial technology sector is at the forefront of tomorrow. Even with our years of experience, we don’t know where the next big thing will come from. If you’re looking to join an ever-changing, fast-growing industry that’s centred around innovation, then working as a FinTech executive is a great place to start.

Do I need prior experience to work in a FinTech executive role?

It all depends on the role itself. More specialised FinTech executive jobs may require experience, proof of skill-set or qualifications. However, other roles within the executive sphere may simply need skills that are transferable from other industries, combined with a willingness to learn. Contact us today regarding your specific requirements.