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Fintech QA Jobs and Recruitment
EC1 Partners are experts in Fintech quality assessment jobs and recruitment - from engineer to developer roles and everything in-between - we cover the entire spectrum, from entry-level to senior positions.

EC1 Partners are an international fintech recruitment company working directly with leading businesses and top talent across the globe. With offices in London, New York and Singapore, our local expert recruitment consultants can source and place candidates anywhere in the world.

Whether you are looking for your dream job or for the perfect candidate, EC1 Partners can help you achieve your goals. Simply upload your CV or vacancy and we will connect you with the best Fintech QA roles or candidates.

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Whether you have little to no experience or are a senior within the industry, EC1 Partners can match you to your dream role within Fintech QA. Simply upload your CV today and let our expert recruitment begin or progress your career as a quality assessor within the Fintech industry.

If you are looking for the perfect candidate for your role, let us find them for you. Our talent pool is second to none, holding some of the best candidates across the industry. Simply upload your role and we’ll match you to the perfect candidates.

Find FinTech QA Talent in Record Time.

Ever published a role and didn’t find the candidate you were looking for? It’s a common occurrence – top talent is hard to come by. We at EC1 Partners want to change that; we’ll find the perfect candidate and we’ll do it fast. How is this possible?

It all comes down to our tried-and-tested requirement methodology, tailored to the specific requirements of your company. It begins with a search plan, this is where we outline the entire process, establishing your expectations and timelines – often between 4 and 8 weeks.

Next, we leverage our ever-growing network of Fintech QA talent through our candidate pool. We’ll match candidates to your needs and shortlist them. The final phase of the recruitment process is the interviews and assessments where we score the shortlisted candidates, making it easier for you to choose which candidates you wish to progress with.

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Jamie Cole FinTech CEO
EC1 Partners CEO

At EC1 Partners, we take the time to understand what candidates and businesses are looking for. Our team of expert recruitment consultants have Fintech experience which allows them to accurately and quickly pick out the best candidates or job roles for you.

Why choose EC1 Partners?

At EC1 Partners, Fintech QA jobs and recruitment is one of our specialist areas. Our recruitment consultants have years of industry experience and understand what challenges candidates and businesses may face. They have the ability to quickly tap into our diverse candidate pool to find the perfect new addition to your business.

What jobs are there in Fintech QA?

There is a wide spectrum of job roles within Fintech quality assessment – from engineer to developer roles and everything in-between. At EC1 Partners, you will find a role to suit you whether you are seeking an entry into the industry or your next career step.