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C++ Integrator

Job Description

My client is an industry leader in technology-driven trading solutions & execution services to global institutional clients servicing FX, NDFs, Precious Metals and Digital Assets.

They are seeking a Trading Systems Support Analyst to monitor, report on and solve problems by providing support for production systems. The ideal candidate will serve as the initial technical contact for brokers and exchanges, quick to troubleshoot and analyze performance issues.

As an Integrations C++ Developer, you will be responsible for developing and

maintaining integration solutions using C++. You will work closely with other development

teams and stakeholders to design, develop, and deploy integration systems that meet our business


Key Duties & Responsibilities

• Software Component Integration: Seamlessly integrate various C++ code modules and

libraries to create cohesive and functional software applications, ensuring compatibility

and efficient interaction between different system components.

• Code Quality and Debugging: Conduct thorough code reviews to maintain high-quality

standards and engage in debugging and troubleshooting to resolve integration issues,

compatibility problems, and other technical challenges.

• Collaboration and Coordination: Work closely with development teams, including

software developers, system architects, and testers, to coordinate the software

development lifecycle and ensure effective communication and collaboration throughout

the integration process.

• Performance Optimization and Documentation: Optimize the performance of

integrated systems, focusing on efficiency and resource management, while maintaining

comprehensive documentation of the integration process, system configurations, and

testing results.

• Continuous Improvement and Testing: Implement and maintain Continuous

Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for automation and efficiency,

stay updated with the latest C++ technologies and trends, and conduct end-to-end testing

to validate the functionality and reliability of integrated systems.

Skills & Experience

• Advanced Programming and System Design: Mastery in advanced C++ and C

concepts, with a focus on templates, STL, Boost libraries, and modern C++ features.

Incorporate Rust learning for diversified language proficiency. Emphasize embedded

systems programming, network-enabled devices, and cross-platform development.

• Concurrency and Multi-threading Expertise: Develop expert-level skills in multi-

threading, concurrency control, and real-time systems in both C++ and Rust. Address

challenges like synchronization, deadlocks, and race conditions.

• Build and Debugging Mastery: Enhance capabilities in using build runners and

compilation tools for multi-platform projects. Advance investigative and debugging

skills, particularly in complex, multi-threaded, and networked environments.

• Strategic Problem Solving and Prioritization: Refine problem-solving techniques,

focusing on prioritization and efficient decision-making in software design and

development. Adapt to dynamic project requirements with a focus on result-oriented


• Communication and Collaborative Leadership: Strengthen communication skills and

teamwork ethic in a geographically diverse environment. Develop leadership qualities by

mentoring junior developers, leading projects, and actively participating in collaborative




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