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EC1 Partners are well known within the payments & lending sector for being recruitment specialists. Whether you are looking for a new employee or a new role, EC1 Partners is here to help.

At EC1 Partners, we are convinced that no matter how much experience you have and what your career goals or aspirations are, we will be able to match you with a position that meets all of your criteria. We have unparalleled access to the job market with offices in London, New York, and Singapore – allowing us to match candidates with roles from some of the world’s leading payment & lending companies.

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If you want our experienced recruitment consultants to take the worry out of your job search, send us your CV and we’ll bring the openings to you. We are convinced that we will be able to find a position that meets your career ambitions and desires.

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If you need confidence that you will only have to go through the hiring process once, EC1 Partners are your go-to recruitment specialists. We aim to do things quickly and do them well, prioritising quality over quantity. We have demonstrated this over and over again as can be seen by our track record.

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As a specialist, professional and expert recruiter in FinTech, we have access to an industry leading talent pool. Candidates trust us to identify the best possible roles for them; let us help you meet the best FinTech professionals. We have a dedicated and highly effective team obsessed with matching the best FinTech talent with the leading firms in the FinTech market.

What roles are available in Payments & Lending?

The payments and lending sector offers a wide array of job roles – everything from customer operations executives, marketing executives, or head of department roles. No matter what your experience level is, there will be a role for you in payments and lending.