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RPO Fintech Recruitment
Recruiting FinTech candidates can demand expertise, drain time and host serious risks of hiring the wrong candidate. EC1 Partners are experts in this field and are on hand to help you get the very best talent into your recruitment process.

EC1 Partners are the industry go-to for all things FinTech-recruitment-related; we have an experienced team of dedicated recruiters to help support your internal recruitment. Our process for FinTech recruitment is centred around listening and understanding your requirements, we then utilise our exclusive database of candidates and match to requirements.

Behind every candidate we place are years of industry recruitment experience, putting candidates through a rigorous assessment to ensure our partners get the very best talent there is. 

A major benefit to EC1 Partners being a dedicated FinTech headhunter is our candidate base is concentrated with FinTech specialists, or candidates with transferable skills and an appetite to move into the industry. The very best way to see the full impact we can have on your internal recruitment process, as a Recruitment Process Outsource provider, is by speaking to one of our professional recruitment consultants and headhunters. 

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Let us take the pressure off as your recruitment process outsourced provider, allowing us to apply years of expertise, utilising our incredible database of candidates and rapid processes. Working closely with your recruitment teams, we can be an extension, partner and supplier of expert advice. 

Our recruitment expertise doesn’t just cover FinTech roles, it also covers areas such as interim cover, perm roles and contract. Our fluid services can also help identify remote employees, specialisms or candidates with transferrable skills, who may not operate within FinTech but have shown a keen interest in moving into the sector. 

The database we have at our disposal also covers candidates at varying levels of their career, from entry level all the way through to executive. The simplest and most effective way to gauge how we can help you is to submit your details in the form below or contact a member of our team with the contact details in the footer of this website.  

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Jamie Cole FinTech CEO
EC1 Partners CEO

We place candidates on a global scale, you’ll find our offices in Singapore, London and New York – the level of expertise held within EC1 Partners is industry leading. This elevated industry view allows us to provide a unrivalled service to our clients, as you can see from the many testimonials found on our website. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in more detail

We do the heavy lifting when it comes to outsourcing FinTech recruitment. We strive to be a partner, listening to your needs and grasping the essential components to your recruitment process. We aim to source and conclude requirements in a matter of weeks and not months, this is only possible through the efficient way we work and the large amount of candidates at our matching-convenience. We’ll also not restrict any of the roles to just our database, widening the net to capture a wider audience, ensuring the talent we put forward for you is the very best that is available in the market. 

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Recruitment in FinTech can be a challenge, the amount of risk associated with such hires can be challenging; the easiest way to gauge how we can simplify this entire process is to have a quick discovery call with one of our recruiters. Take a look at the contact details just below this text or simply submit your details in the contact form above.