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When it comes to FinTech sales jobs and recruitment, look no further than EC1 Partners. We’re a leading global recruitment agency, covering everything from graduate FinTech sales positions to executive and higher-management.

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EC1 Partners is an international FinTech recruitment company, working directly with top talent and leading businesses on a global level. With offices in London, New York and Singapore, we can place and source sales candidates anywhere in the world, and our local knowledge is second-to-none.

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Whether you’re looking to join the FinTech sales sector as a graduate or want to progress from your current role, EC1 Partners can source a dream position for you. From entry-level roles to business development managers and sales directors, we’ve a consummate collection of FinTech sales jobs to meet the requirements of any professional.

Take the hassle away from searching countless job boards and let our expert FinTech sales recruitment team do the hard work. We partner some of the world’s leading companies in FinTech, matching talent to brands operating at the forefront of the industry.

With our vast pool of professional contacts, we can help any FinTech sales’ professional begin or advance their career. Simply upload your CV below and our experienced team of recruitment consultants will connect you to the best FinTech sales jobs out there.

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We hear it constantly from firms – effective recruitment is harder than it’s ever been.

From advertising a role to shortlisting, interviewing and onboarding, managing your own FinTech sales recruitment process costs time and money. And a failure to get it right first time means doubling or tripling your expenses.

At EC1 Partners, we not only pride ourselves on sourcing the best talent for the position you’re looking to fill, but we won’t take a lifetime to do so.

Our hugely-effective FinTech marketing recruitment process is based on a tried-and-tested method, tailored to the specific requirements of your enterprise. Beginning with our Search Plan, we’ll outline the journey from shortlisting to hiring, and set a timeline – typically between 4 and 8 weeks.

We’ll then leverage our ever-growing network of FinTech sales’ talent through our Candidate Pool, find matches and move on to profile scoring. Finally, we’ll enter the Interview & Assessment phase. Our FinTech sales recruiters will score and rank your shortlist, making your own task of candidate selection a simple one.

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At EC1 Partners, we don’t see FinTech sales recruitment as a method of simply filling positions. Within our industry, box-ticking exercises simply don’t work – candidates end up in the wrong roles, and firms have to repeat the hiring process from scratch.

Our consultants are different, having FinTech experience and a vast, ever-growing network of both candidates and businesses. Bridging the gap between the best talent and FinTech firms recruiting sales’ professionals, we’ll take the time to understand individual requirements to build long-term relationships and deliver a premium service every time.

Why choose EC1 Partners for FinTech sales jobs and recruitment?

At EC1 Partners, FinTech sales is one of our specialist areas. We’ve got years of sales-related experience within our team, so we fully understand the challenges for both candidates and businesses. You’ll also have the luxury of tapping into our global pool of contacts, from FinTech sales jobs in London to Asia and the United States of America.

What jobs are in FinTech sales?

Sales is an essential facet of any FinTech company. With so many firms creating innovative solutions within the sector, excellent sales professionals are hugely in demand for a variety of exciting roles. Partner with EC1 and you’ll find FinTech sales’ positions at every level, from sales strategists, client managers and even top-level management.

Do I need prior experience to work in FinTech sales?

Experience helps, but it’s not essential. We work with seasoned sales professionals, graduates and those with transferable skills. FinTech is a relatively new industry, so some of our candidates are able to apply the sales’ skills they’ve honed in other sectors. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be able to advise you of the best steps to move forward.